Each one Educate one

A revolution in the way we think!

Each One Educate One (e1e1) is an initiative to bring quality education to Rural India. It is anchored in the ideal of education as a service to society and every individual in the society as a stakeholder in rendering this service.

The efficacy of Each One Educate One programme is that, it is aimed at supporting the education of children from the back of beyond, completely at no cost to them.

The Alumni of the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions are championing this massive initiative. Having been beneficiaries of free quality education from the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions, they find it their premier responsibility to give back to society, the gift that fostered them. A moment of pride and complete satisfaction for the formers being forerunners of their Alma mater!

In a lopsided society with inequity in economy and opportunities, it is the need of the hour to retrieve the harmony back. Come and Join hands!

Would you like to be an angel of the season?

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